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Architecting Software as a Service for the Enterprise White Paper

Executive overview

As part of our cloud computing strategy, Intel IT has been opportunistically taking advantage of external offerings of software as a service (SaaS) applications. To prepare for broader SaaS adoption, we designed a SaaS architecture that will enable us to shift to a more strategic view and facilitate faster, more standardized implementations.

To create our architecture, we analyzed SaaS industry trends and scanned existing Intel SaaS implementations to gather best-known methods and architectural techniques. We then extended existing enterprise application frameworks and architecture to create the elements that comprise the SaaS architecture, including:
• A use-case model based on a typical scenario that requires back-end data exchange between Intel and the SaaS provider.
• A conceptual architecture that provides a long-term view of all the components required in a complete SaaS implementation.
• A reference architecture providing a proven template solution that Intel SaaS project teams can immediately apply to specific implementation projects.

The SaaS architecture promotes standardization and best practices. It defines the components and capabilities required for deployment and a vocabulary for consistent communication with SaaS providers. Our goal is to facilitate a shift from organic growth to prescriptive deployment of SaaS applications at Intel, with greater consistency among implementations and reduced implementation effort.

Read the full Architecting Software as a Service for the Enterprise White Paper.

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