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Adaptivity Design Studio: Open Data Center Edition

Adaptivity’s Design Studio: Open Data Center Edition is designed to aid an IT Designer with the planning & implementation of cloud-based applications.

The Adaptivity Design Studio: Open Data Center Edition is a wizard-driven software platform that assists the user in making prescriptive design and implementation decisions in building secure and efficient applications in the cloud.

Adaptivity’s Design Studio: Open Data Center Edition creates an easy to use design experience through logical design and decision process flows: user selects type(s) of application functional patterns; workload qualities are profiled next; resource management strategies are identified; and virtualization management strategies are validated. This information is assembled into a model that is calculated against Intel configuration logic to determine the most optimal and cost effective solution. The user has the option to adjust inputs and re-calculate or generate a tailored blueprint. The tailored blueprint output is a prescriptive cook-book of architectural, engineering and configurational actions creating an implementation plan that can aid in the deployment of target applications into a cloud ready infrastructure.

Open Data Center Edition is an industry enabling program designed to ease the deployment of cloud infrastructure. The combination of Adaptivity's IT Design Studio Software embedded with Intel's reference architectures and prescriptive cookbooks creates a unique and powerful capability for end users to be prescriptive and precise in building and enhancing their cloud ready infrastructures.

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